The first consideration in this scenario is to make sure the accounting practices at your school allow for a balance due from one academic session to be transferred to another school year. If it is acceptable practice to move these balances to the new school year, follow the following procedures.
  1.  Apply a discount to the family account in the same dollar amount of the receivable to be moved into the new school year. This will $0 out the balance due in the old year.
  2. Apply a fee in the new school year in the exact dollar amount of the discount applied in the prior year.

Note: It is best practice to name the discount in the prior year and the fee in the new year, to be named in a similar fashion so that the family understands the charge. For example, 2016-17 Balance Due Discount (in the old year) and 2016-17 Balance Due Fee (in the new year). 

Additionally, balance transfers can be completed family at a time or by batch processing as well.