Families can switch their payment method from mail-in to automatic debit at any time. 

You may provide the family with the following instructions:

Login to:  https://parent.smarttuition.com
1. Click on EDIT MY PROFILE in the upper right corner of the screen
2. PRESS the orange UPDATE button under the My Payment Method header
3. Select the PAYMENT TYPE from the drop-down menu
4. Press the orange  CONTINUE TO STEP 2 button
5. Enter the bank account or credit card information
6. Press the orange the SET UP AUTO PAY button
7. Read the agreement text 
8. Press the orange I AGREE button

The family will receive prior to debit emails advising of the automatic debit amount, beginning with their next due date.

Families cannot switch their payment method from Automatic Debit to Mail-in. You have the authority to update the  Payment Method on a family's account
Note: There may be a convenience fee for each transaction made from a credit or debit card. When the family makes their payment selection, a notice will pop up advising of any additional fees.