1. Reset the password for your Blackbaud hosting account. 

  1. Log into your Blackbaud.com profile
  2. Click My Blackbaud towards the top
  3. On the left side in the Reset Password tile click the Hosting link
  4. Click Reset Password beside the appropriate user name​ (ends with RE,FE or EE user1)
  5. Enter a temporary password that does not contain the User name and click Submit  (NOTE:The user will be prompted to change the password upon logging in)

2. Click the link below that is next to the name of your Blackbaud data center.  

3. Install citrix receiver when prompted if citrix receiver is not installed. ( If citrix is already installed click skip to login)

4. Login with the username and password you entered when resetting the password.

5. Enter the password again as the old password and create a new password that meets the password requirements listed.

6. Configure your browser for hosting services.

7.  Click on your hosted application and it will launch.