If your school makes changes to a roster in the group, the only way to change this is to run a Full Sync of the ON to Connect 5 integration.

A Full Sync will overwrite any information that was manually added or edited in Connect 5. We recommend only doing this if your school doesn't make edits in Connect 5.
Otherwise, you'll need to manually update these rosters in Connect 5.
Tip: For a Full Sync to be run, please contact Support.

To make sure Group Types are included to be synced in the integration:
  1. Navigate to, Core > Settings > Integration Settings 
  2. Click Connect 5
  3. Click Edit 
  4. Mark any Group Types you want to sync to Connect 5
  5. Save

To make sure these groups sync, you'll also want to confirm the Group Page Options are set for Connect 5:
  1. Navigate to: Extracurricular > Content > Group Pages > Group Page Options
  2. Click the appropriate group type (such as Communities, Classes, etc.)
  3. Under Integration Options, confirm Connect 5 is selected