How to Add Additional Donations to an Online Express Form

Can an event registrant donate a gift and pay for an event ticket on the same form?  How can I allow additional gifts on an event form?
Event and Membership forms in Online Express allow an organization to add an option for donors to give an amount in addition to the price of the event ticket or membership.  
1. Access the form you want to edit.  If it's an existing form, click the "Edit" link on the form from the Event Forms page in OLX.  For new forms, you will need to complete the "Get Started" and "Field Options"  tabs.  

The Edit link on existing event forms is on the top right from the main Event Form Page in OLX

2. To add an additional gift, click the "Extras" tab.  The first section says "Do you want to allow additional donations?".   The check box should be selected to include an additional donation, or left blank to exclude.  

The Extras tab is the third one on the event form.  The checkbox for additional donations is at the top.                                  The Extras tab is the second one on the membership form.  The additional donations section is the third down on that form
                                                     (Event form)                                                                                                                                                      (Membership form)

3.  There is a search option under the check box to select the fund that you want additional donations to be applied to.  You are currently able to choose one in Online Express; additional funds will need to be manually applied to the gift after downloading the gift into the Raiser's Edge.  Gifts given are not linked to the event record, but will show on the constituent's record.  

4.  For existing forms, click the "Save and Close" button at the bottom right.  For new forms, finish creation.


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