Payments incorrectly auto generated in batch where no advance notice sent date exists

Incorrect payments automatically generated in batch where no instruction sent date is on the paperless mandate details.
Incorrect gifts auto-generated in batch when gift amendments have been added
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information. In the meantime, create a gift query to filter on only transactions which have date advance notice sent populated.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate:
  1. Add a £10 recurring gift to any constituent record.  Payment Method of Direct Debit, enter bank details as required.
  2. Populate all necessary details for the paperless mandate to generate first payment via batch;
    1. Instruction Sent Date: Any date, 30 days in the past.
    2. Date Advance Notice Sent: Any date, 30 days in the past.
    3. Send Instruction Unchecked
    4. DDI Source: DDI Form
    5. DDI Source Date: (Any date)
  3. Create a new gift batch, auto-generate transactions.  Note that the first payment is (correctly) pulled into the batch.
  4. Commit the batch
  5. Add an amendment to the recurring gift, change the gift amount from £10 to £12.  Choose to resend advance notice.
  6. Check the details on the gift - confirm the date advance notice sent is now blank (as it's required to be resent)
  7. Create a new batch, auto-generate payments.  Note the payment is auto-generated, even though there's no advance notice sent date present.


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