Unable to drag and drop images or merge fields when using the new editor in NetCommunity

When creating or editing an email or FTI (Formatted Text and Image) part, you are unable to drag and drop images or merge fields when trying to add or rearrange them in the content pane.
Blackbaud NetCommunity uses TinyMCE as its text editor and upgrades the version of TinyMCE with each release. Recent versions of TinyMCE removed support for image drag/drop functionality. As an alternative solution, place your cursor in the editor where you'd like to position the image then insert the image.

Steps to Duplicate

Create an new email or FTI part in NetCommunity and try doing any of the following: 

- Place an image into the email or part by dragging and dropping either from the image library or an outside source.
- If you have an image in the email or FTI part try to reposition it by dragging and dropping. You can select it but it will not move.
- Try moving a merge field that has been placed in the email or FTI part.


 Blackbaud NetCommunity

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