Fundraiser on the Go is available for users with the Major Giving module. 
  1. Have a System Role Administrator assign the Fundraiser on the Go system role to any users who may need to copy the link or use the link: 
    1. Click Administration Application Users
    2. Click the arrow beside the username
    3. Click Edit
    4. Mark the checkbox for Fundraiser on the Go Role
    5. Click Save
  2. Copy the URL from the Prospects area of Altru: 
    1. Click Prospects tab 
    2. Click Fundraiser on the Go link under Configuration 
    3. Note: If you do not see this link, you do not have the Fundraiser on the Go system role assigned, and must have that assigned first. See step 1 above. 
    4. Click Copy
    5. Note: You must click the Copy button. The URL is too long to just highlight and copy from the dialog box. 
  3. Send the link to your fundraisers. Please note fundraisers will have to have each of the following in order to use the link: 
    1. Each fundraiser must have the Fundraiser on the Go System role assigned. Please see step 1 for steps to assign the role. 
    2. Each fundraiser must have an Altru login that is linked to a constituent record: 
      1. Click Administration > Application Users
      2. Click the name of the user
      3. Click Edit link to constituent from the left hand task menu
      4. Make sure that you have a constituent record linked here
      5. Click Save
    3. ​The Constituent record must have a fundraiser constituency code: 
      1. Open the constituent record from the step above
      2. Click the Personal Info tab > Click the Constituencies tab 
      3. Verify that Fundraiser is listed here. If not, add the constituency by clicking the Add button. 
  4. The fundraiser can now use the link provided while out in the field on their mobile device without having to log in to Altru.