Review the following steps in order:
  1. Check the Spam/Junk email folder of the email account.
  2. Check the Trash/Deleted email folder of the email account.
  3. Ensure that the email address is added to receive notifications. (Tip: Add an email from a different domain, such as a or email address, in addition to email addresses just to your organization.)
  4. Make sure that the email settings/firewall are set up to allow eTapestry notifications to come through.
NOTE: There are some known deliverability issues that are due the setup of some email service providers. Even if you review the steps above, the emails may still not come through. Please refer to the following for more information: Deliverability Issues When Sending From A Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, or other widely used domain

NOTE: If you are reviewing the Delivery Report for an Advanced Mass Email and see some emails as "Held", please refer to How to change the Held status on email addresses for Advanced Mass Email in eTapestry

Online transactions will add even if you don't see the email. Run the Online Journal Entries Report to see what has been added:
  1. Navigate to Reports > Standard > eTapestry Standard Reports.
  2. Scroll down to find Online Giving Reports (right side).
  3. Click on Online Journal Entries Report.
  4. For Category, select Journal Entry Date.
  5. For Query, select the desired range, such as This Week - JE or This Month - JE.
  6. Click Submit to preview the report on screen.