The Patron constituency is added to Constituent records from Facility rentals

Altru is putting a constituency of Patron on people who are only rental clients.  The Patron constituency is added to Constituent records from Facility rentals, even if the Facility rentals only include a Custom item on the reservation.

After a constituent purchases a ticket to a program or general admission event or reserves an event or facility (i.e. made a group sale), a constituency of “Patron” is automatically added to their constituent record.

If you do not want to define constituents who reserved a facility through a custom item as a patron, add an additional Constituency of Facility Rentals to allow you to exclude these constituents from processes such as Queries and mailings.

  1. Add the New Constituency:
    1. Go to Constituents > Constituencies.
    2. Click Go to Constituency Code Table under Tasks.
    3. Click Add.  Note: This requires the Code Table System Role.
    4. Enter the description for a new code table, i.e. Facility Renter or Rental Client
    5. Click Ok.
  2. Apply the New Constituency to the Rental Client:
    1. Go to Constituents > Constituent Search.
    2. Search for and select the individual.
    3. Go to the Personal info tab.
    4. Click on the Constituencies sub tab.
    5. Click Add > User-defined.
    6. Select the new constituency from the dropdown list.
    7. Add dates to and from, if wanted.
    8. Click Save.


Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the Constituents page, and add a new Individual Constituent
2. Go to the Sales section, Group sales, and add a new Reservation
3. Use the new Constituent from Step 1 for the contact on the reservation, choose a Price type and quantity, and save the reservation
4. Open the Itinerary and add a Custom item
5. Check in the reservation and open the Constituent's record
6. Note that the Patron constituency has been added

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