Education status and dates do not update records from Connect RE

Users report that linked student records do not update education fields when processing changes in Connect RE. From example, when withdrawing some students in Core their primary education relationship status in Raiser's Edge does not update, and no withdraw date is added. When testing other mapped fields such as middle name or any biographical data users note those updates sync successfully.
If the Education Edge/Raiser's Edge integration is enabled, enrollment is handled through that system and not Connect Raiser's Edge. Connect RE plugin skips this information and those fields will not be updated.

Users that permanently disabled the Education Edge integration and still experience this issue please contact Blackbaud Customer Support for further assistance. Please provide us with the following:

1. Confirmation from a site administrator at your organization that your school has permanently disabled the EE integration. This fix requires Blackbaud to update remove integration IDs from the education relationship records in Raiser's Edge. It is important that your organization not turn the EE synchronization back on as this will cause education data loss.
2. Confirm the exact spelling and spacing of your Raiser's Edge serial number.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Core > Manage Student Enrollment, withdraw a student that is having the issue
  2. Log into Raiser's Edge > ConnectRE
  3. Primary Education status is not updated on their education relationship and no withdrawn date is added

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