We have discovered an issue affecting Outcomes forms created and activated on or after 11/16/17 for Outcomes-enabled applications. This is the issue as we understand it and our plan to resolve it.

Any newly created forms activated since 11/16/17 can encounter this issue.   The issue is not visible in the Forms Manager and only occurs when an applicant starts a new application from the newly created form.   When the try to open the Outcome Measurement portion of the application it opens but none of the selected measurements will be displayed.  This means the applicant will not be able to add in any measurement information and in turn be unable to submit the application. 

Any forms or in progress applications created prior to the 11/16/17 update will not encounter this issue. 

We are currently investigating the issue to confirm our findings so that we can resolve it promptly. 

While we do not have an ETA for a fix for this issue yet, we will update this article early next week.