Yes, Import can be used to change the Inactive status of a Campaign, Fund, or Appeal record in The Raiser's Edge.

The import file will need two columns for the two required fields: the ID of the Campaign, Fund, of Appeal and the Inactive field.
  • For Campaigns, the fields are CampID and CampInactive
  • For Funds, the fields are FundID and FundInactive
  • For Appeals, the fields are AppealID and APInactive
In the import data file, populate the inactive column as follows: 
  • Yes to make the record inactive (to check the inactive box)
  • No to make the record active (uncheck the box)

Save the import data file as a CSV file and close it. Then use Raiser's Edge import to make the update:

1. Go to the appropriate import for the record type being updated:
  • For Campaigns: Admin > Import > Campaign > Campaign
  • For Funds: Admin > Import > Fund > Fund
  • For Appeals: Admin > Import > Appeal > Appeal
2. On the General tab:
  • Mark Update existing records
  • Mark Validate data only
  • On the Import file field, click the ... button on the right and find the import data file.
  • Skip the Identify existing constituents section (it does not apply)
  • Mark Delimited.
3. On the File Layout tab, ensure the file previews in two columns. If it does not, adjust the field separator or text qualifier as needed for the preview to show correctly.

4. On the Fields tab, ensure the two columns map correctly to the The Raiser's Edge fields.

5. Click Validate Now.

6. If any exceptions occur, review the Control report and address them. Validate until there are zero exceptions.

7. Once there are zero exceptions, return to the General tab to unmark Validate Data only.

8. On the Summary tab, mark any desired options.

9. Click Update Now to complete the update.