Description does not merge for Cart email confirmation when two or more items are bought

The product description from our eStore (Cart) has a lot of information that I'd like to include in the email confirmation. However, when adding the short description or long description merge field to the email template, it sometimes does not show.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Ensure the eStore (Cart) has more than two items available. For each item, add a short description and a long description.
  2. Create an Communications template with the Order Details widget present.
  3. Insert the merge fields: Order fields > Item Short Description and Order fields > Item Long Description.
  4. Ensure the this template is being used for the eStore (Cart): Management > Online Presence > eStore (Cart) > Edit cart preferences > Step 4 Email Options > Select the email template. Ensure that notification emails are set up.
  5. Complete an order through the eStore (Cart) for one item using just one of the items from step 1. The email confirmation set up in steps 2 through 4 will display the descriptions.
  6. Complete a second order through the eStore (Cart) for two different items as set up in step 1. The email confirmation set up in steps 2 through 4 will not display any descriptions.




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