In a non-US Raiser's Edge application, the Raiser's Edge RE:EFT module is required to process recurring gifts from Online Express. The RE:EFT module is available as part of some Raiser's Edge packages (such as a Raiser's Edge NXT subscription) or may be purchased for an additional price. Please review the following steps until resolved:
  1. Check your Raiser's Edge to see if the module is present.
  2. If it's not, you can to try unlock the RE:EFT module. (Note: This will only be available if your organization has purchased the RE:EFT module.)
  3. If you have purchased (or believe that you have purchased) the RE:EFT module and still have trouble with unlocking, please click Chat with Support and have a screenshot of the Help (in the top menu bar) > About The Raiser's Edge information screen from your Raiser's Edge available.
  4. If you have not purchased the RE:EFT module, please click Chat with Support to connect with our Sales chat for more information and pricing.