Project ID displays on Budget Distribution report when projects are set to be referred to as a different term

In Configuration, Business Rules Projects are set to be referred to as Programs; however on the Budget Distribution report the label Project ID displays instead of the setting in Business rules.
This issue has been resolved in The Financial Edge version 7.87 patch 23.  If your database is not hosted by Blackbaud please download and install the latest patch: How to install a patch (includes video demo)

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In General Ledger go to Configuration> Business Rules
  2. Select Project> for the Refer to Project as enter Programs
  3. In Reports> Budget Reports
  4. Select Budget Distribution Report and Open saved Show Project budgets report parameter
  5. On the General tab, select to Show /account Budgets with Project and Grant Detail
  6. Click Preview, notice that the label reads Project ID when it should read Program ID

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