Multiple URLs listed for one Donation Form when viewing Online Express Stats

When viewing Donation Form Statistics in Online Express, users may see multiple URLs listed under a specific donation form name.  Each URL may have different/separate stats that are then combined for the Totals for the form.
When viewing the Statistics and Form Performance, users will see the Form name and URL column.  If the javascript for the donation form is embedded on multiple webpages/URLs, users can expand the statistics to see specific information for each URL.  The totals are then listed at the top for the form overall. 

In the example below, the Blue arrow points to the multiple URLs for the links to each webpage where the javascript is embedded.  The row outlined in Yellow shows the overall totals for the specific donation form.

Donation Form Statistics

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Online Express
  2. Go to the Donations section
  3. Under the Overall Performance section, click View performance details
  4. If a donation form name has a + sign next to the name, click to expand
  5. Note there are multiple URLs listed for the one donation form

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