Numbers in the Billions Display as Question Marks in General Ledger and FACTS

When viewing numbers in the billions either in General Ledger or FACTS question marks appear rather than the numerical digits and the error,**Value -14223639999.7 cannot be displayed using ->>>,>>>,>>9.99 .(74)" occurs.
This issue is fixed in FIMS 14.60.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to File Maintenance > GL Journal Import
2. Import journal entries that contain numbers in the billions due to not being able to enter them into FIMS as such
3. Go to General Ledger to view the journals that are imported and see the error occur as well as the question marks
4. Go to FACTS\Reconciliation\Transactions for the pool\fund in question for which the journal entries were imported and see the same error and question marks there as well which prevents reconciliation.



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