Yes, Teachers have two methods of printing Report Cards for their students both individually and in bulk. This is only if they have access set for the Teacher Role within the Report Card Builder (Here's an article explaining the steps of how to do this: How can I add/remove role access to Report Cards and/or Transcripts?

Teachers can Print Report Cards Individually by:
  1. Navigate to either the Student Directory and Click on the Contact Card of the student, or Navigate to their class roster and access the contact card that way
  2. Click on the Progress Tab
  3. Expand out the Performance Module and Report Cards can be accessed here:
For Teacher to be able to Print Report Cards in Bulk:
  1. Navigate to Classes > [Name of Class]
  2. Click on the Grading Tab
  3. Click "Run Grading Reports"
  4. Click "Report Cards"
  5. Click on the Report Card you wish to generate for your students: