Option 1: Log into Case Central and attach the file to the ticket there

The file attachment tool within Case Central uses our secure file transfer tool, built in. Any attachments sent this way are secure.
For instructions on submit a case in Case Central see: How do I submit a support ticket for K-12 Support?

Option 2: Request a File Transfer link from the analyst through the ticket

If requested, an analyst can send you a pre-formatted link that will take you to the dropzone with the ticket number pre-populated:
User-added image
From this page, simply fill in in your email address, attach the file, and click submit. The analyst will receive the file through the case.

Option 3: Manually submit a file to the ticket through the dropzone (requires ticket number)

  1. Navigate to https://blackbaud.sendsafely.com/dropzone/k-12support/
    This page will look just like option 2, except the Zendesk Ticket ID field will be blank.
  2. Enter your Ticket Number manually. This can be found in the subject line of the email notification
  3. Enter your Email address
  4. Drag and drop to click and select the file you would like to upload
  5. Click Submit
 The file will be attached to the ticket and viewable by the Support Analyst.
Important: If you don't include the ticket number, the analyst you are working with will be unable to access the file attachment. If you are not sure what the ticket number is, instead options 1 or 2 above.

Looking to access a file that was securely sent to you? See: How do I access a secure file sent from K-12 Support?