To set-up Decisions, as an Admissions Manager you want to start with the Candidate Decision Text through onBoard > Settings > Candidate Review Text. This text appears on the Decision tab before any Decisions are published for Parents of Candidates as well as Candidates. This allows schools to communicate when decisions are generally made.

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The next step as an Admissions Manager, is to set-up the Decision Types through onBoard > Settings > Decisions.
Most schools use the following Decision Types: Accepted, Denied, Waitlisted. For each School Decision, Candidate decisions options need to be added.

Admissions Managers will need to choose both a school decision and a school decision type, many times these match, but sometimes a school may have more than one school decision that falls under: Accepted with conditions, Accepted International - these would both be grouped under the decision type of "accepted" and allow a school to see ALL of the decisions under a single type for reporting purposes.

School decision: displays to both Admin and Parent of Candidate/Candidate if published
Comment: displays to Parent of Candidate/Candidate below "Congratulations, you have been accepted" if published
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Mail Merge Template: Template can be used to print out Decision letters to be mailed. Also, if Decisions are published, Parent of Candidate/Candidate can download the letter from the Decisions tab

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Display options:
  • Display contract only when candidate has accepted.
  • When a candidate declines, show Reason for Declining list. Reasons can be added to the Reason for Declining list through onBoard > Settings > Candidate Profile Settings > Reason for Declining
  • When a candidate declines, show Chosen School list. Schools can be addd to the Chosen School list through Core > School > Transfer/Sending Schools. Make sure to check off "B Candidates can choose to attend this school when declining an acceptance.
Candidate Decisions: Decisions that Candidates can choose. Below are the common Candidate Decisions that are used for School Decisions
School Decision: Accepted  Candidate Decisons: Accepted, Declined
School Decision: Waitlisted  Candidate Decisions: Waitlist Accept, Waitlist Declined
School Decision: Denied  Candidate Decision: Acknowledged

Once Decisions are set-up, an Admissions Manager can add a School Decision to a Candidate Checklist or Bulk Complete Decisions through onBoard > Candidate > Bulk Complete Items.