The usual cause of this is the Student who receives the infraction notification is actually listed as an Advisor of the Advisory in which the Student who was given the Infraction is enrolled in. The Student User will NOT have the Role of Advisor, however, they will be Listed as the Advisor in the Advisory itself.

To see this, navigate to:
  1. Academics > Scheduling > Requests and schedules > Advisory > Advisors
  2. Click Edit next to the name of the Advisory the Student who should have gotten the Infraction is Enrolled in
  3. See if the Students' name who received the Infraction is displayed, if so and they should NOT be an Advisor, click Delete to remove them as the Advisor
  4. If they should be an Advisee (a Member not a Owner of the Advisory), select the Advisees Tab (after removing them from the Advisors Section)
  5. Click Edit next to the name of the Advisory
  6. Click Add Member
  7. Search for and Select the Members
  8. In Search Results click >> or Move all to move the Members into the Advisory
  9. Click Save & Exit