Error: The server or system has no more resources. (748) when Attempting to Log into FIMS

When attempting to log into FIMS the error, :Error: The server or system has no more resources. (748)" occurs when not all of the user licenses are being used.
In FIMS versions below 14.33 this error occurs when the last license is being used and the bulletins will not draw which causes the error, but if the user clicks ok on the error they can still proceed to log in. What occurs is that each time a user logs into FIMS there is one license for the user and another that is used temporarily to check for new bulletins. If all of the licenses are being used except for the last remaining for the user, there is not an extra license to check for new bulletins so the error occurs. The user however can continue past the error and log into FIMS and any new bulletins will be found upon logging in the next time.

Starting with version 14.33 the bulletin system was removed and thus these errors related to not being able to draw the bulletins will no longer occur after 14.33.

See the following information on the FIMS bulletin system: help in fims/the fims bulletin system.html#_Toc425960369%3FTocPath%3DIntroduction%2520to%2520FIMS%7CGetting%2520Help%2520for%2520FIMS%7CThe%2520FIMS%2520Bulletin%2520System%7C_____0

If you are using an older version of FIMS, the newest upgrade can be found on the Blackbaud downloads page here:



 Below 14.33

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