Error: Database Demo failed to start when Attempting to Start the Demo Database or Attempting to Copy Live to Test

When attempting to start the Demo database this error occurs. This error can also occur while attempting to copy Live to Test.
Typically copying live over to test will resolve this error, however, if this error occurs while copying live over to test many times it is caused by the _dbutil.exe utility holding onto the Demo database files and thus not allowing them to be updated or to start. To resolve the error if the error occurs while copying live to test, do the following:

1. Go to Task Manager\Processes Tab
2. Look for a process called _dbutil.exe
3. To verify, right click on the _dbutil.exe process and select Open file location
4. You should be directed to the _dbutil.exe in \npo\dlc\bin
5. After verifying that, go back to task manager, click on the _dbutil.exe process and then click the End Process button on the bottom
6. Run the Copy Live to Demo task again and it should be successful and the database should start during that process
7. After that process is finished, have users log into the Test\Demo database to be sure it is functional

We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release or patch.




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