How can I correct or adjust a posted Scholarship?

I have a scholarship that I need to make changes to, how can I do that?

If you need to:
  •  cancel or refund a scholarship
  •  change the amount, fund or payment date
for a posted but not yet paid scholarship, follow the below steps:

NOTE: If there are payments on the scholarship they will need to be voided with no debit memos created before following the below steps.

1. Click the Scholarship Module
2. Click the Application History Tab
3. Click the Adjustments Tab
4. Highlight Scholarship Adjustments
5. Click Run Process
6. Click the appropriate radial button for the adjustment that is needed
7. Make the adjustment in the line item below
8. Click Process Adjustment
9. View the Report
10. Click Commit Changes

Note: Simply hit x to close the screen.

User-added image

See also FIMS help online for this topic: management/adjusting historic scholarship_1.html#_Toc425946916%3FTocPath%3DFIMS%2520Optional%2520Modules%7CScholarship%2520Management%7CAdjusting%2520Historic%2520Scholarship%2520Applications%7C_____0




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