Each email message that is sent from Luminate Online has delivery status and details available. Available information includes:
  • Delivery Summary - when the message started and ended
  • Schedule - when the message was scheduled for delivery
  • Delivery Statistics - Open rates, click-throughs, actions, forwards, hard bounces, soft bounces
  • Audience Calculations - the number of constituents the message would reach, before any filters
  • Target Groups - the groups selected to receive the message
  • Do Not Email Groups - the groups selected to not receive the message
  • Filters Applied - the number of constituents filtered out via the product's built in filters
  • Delivery Options - the options selected for the email message
To find this information:
  1. Navigate to Email > Email Campaign
  2. Select the Campaigns tab
  3. Enter the Campaign name
  4. Click Search
  5. Click Manage under the Actions column
  6. Select the Deliveries tab
  7. Find the Email Message name
  8. Click Review under the Actions column