This can be done via a soft credit within the donor's constituent record and from there you can select the TeamRaiser event along with the participant or team.
  1. Click Constituent360 > Constituents. The Find Constituent page displays.
  2. Search for the Constituent and click the Edit icon in the Actions column.
  3. Click the Transactions tab.
  4. In the Transaction Summary section, click Add Soft Credit in the Actions column of the appropriate transaction. The Soft Credit window displays. A confirmation message displays.
  5. In the pop-up, select the TeamRaiser option and then click More
  6. Select the appropriate TeamRaiser event
  7. In the search pop-up, enter all or part of the name of the person or team to whom the soft credit for this donation should be assigned and then click Search.
  8. In the search results pop-up, click Select from the Action column of the appropriate participant or team.
  9. Click Apply.