Actions are missing from the Actions tab

I'm unable to view actions on the constituent record.  I don't see any actions on the Actions tab.  All of the constituent's actions are missing from the Actions tab.  There are actions missing from the Actions tab on the constituent record.

When checking a constituent record, the Actions tab may be missing some or all of the actions.
  1.  Verify that there are no filters chosen on the Actions tab.
    1. Open the constituent's record and navigate to the Actions tab.
    2.  Toward the top of the tab, there is a row that starts with the New Action button.  On that row are the options "Show" and  "Filters".  Verify that "Show" says "<All Actions>" and "Filters" says "<No Filter>".

    The Show and Filter options are toward the top of the Actions tab

  1. Check the user's security group permissions.
    1. Click on the Admin icon on the left side of the Raiser's Edge
    2. Toward the bottom of the list that comes up, click on Security
    3. Locate the security group of the user.  You can check the security group membership by opening the user's account.  
    4. Scroll to "Action Security by Type" .  Verify that the check box is marked and click the Options button
    5. Action types can be restricted to "Cannot View", "Cannot Edit", or both.  Check whether the missing action types have the Cannot View box checked.


Steps to Duplicate

1. Open a constituent record
2. Navigate to the Actions tab.

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