When it comes to a building a query, the default columns are Actions, Name, Email, Member ID, and Active Status. To select additional columns to view in the query results, you will need to add the results to a group and then go to Data Management>Mail Merge. From there you can select the group and additional columns.

1. In Data Management > Query, locate your query
2. Click Use Query in the Actions column
3. In the pop-up box, click Create Group
4. Click Go
5. Fill in the required fields 
6. Click save
7. In Data Management > Mail Merges
8. Click Create a New Mail Merge
9. Fill in the required fields
10. In the Please select the fields for which the mail merge should be generated section, select the appropriate columns 
11. Click Add Selected
12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 to add additional columns for the results
13. Click Next Steps
14. Select your group type / group that you created for the query
15. Click Next Step
16. Click Confirm
17. You should be in the Mail Merges List tab, click Show All to see your mail merge list
18. Click the blue diskette icon to download the results to excel and view them