This error message will show when attempting to delete a constituent that is currently set as an author on a prospect plan. You can build a query to find the prospect plan that the constituent is attached to and then remove that constituent from the prospect plan.

Build a Prospect Query
  1. Click Analysis > Information library > Add an Ad-hoc query
  2. Change the Record type drop down to Prospect plan > double click on the Prospect Plans source view
  3. Under the browse for fields in section click on the Attachments field, Drag Author System ID from the middle column to the include records where section User-added image
  4. Search for and select the name of the constituent > Click OK
  5. Click Preview results to view the Prospect Plan that the constituent is tied to as an author
  6. Click on the result in the list and click the browse button that shows in the button left hand corner of the screen > Double click Prospect Plan Page 
Remove the constituent from the Prospect Plan
  1. On the Prospect Plan record click on e Documentation tab > Click the arrow next to the attachment > click edit
  2. Place your mouse cursor at the end of the name in the Author field and completely delete the name from the field > click save
Delete the Constituent
  1. Click Constituent > Constituent Search 
  2. Search for and select the constituent
  3. Click the delete button in the upper left hand corner of the screen