The system does not merge accounts for Parents/Grandparents/Siblings. The option to Update Existing User Account displays for Parents/Grandparents/Siblings but the system does not merge the accounts.

To prevent duplicate accounts for Parents/Grandparents/Siblings, you want to take a look at the school's process for adding Candidates/Parents of Candidates into the system. When a user fills out an Inquiry with Candidate and Parent of Candidate information, then the school processes the Inquiry and creates accounts for potentially both the Candidate and Parent of Candidate. If a Parent of Candidate is then guided to Create an Account to fill out an application, this will in turn create a duplicate user profile.

If a school uses Inquiry forms, there are two ways to avoid creating duplicate Parent user profiles:
  • Do not create accounts for the Parent when processing Inquiries, wait until you process the application to create accounts for the Parents
  • Create an Account for the Parent when processing inquires, then create username, email username and login instructions to fill out an application to the Parent