Error: UpdateProfile State code does not exist. State Update Cancelled in the Sync Log for FIMS CRM

When reviewing the sync log for FIMS-CRM, the error UpdateProfile State code "state code in question" does not exist. State Update cancelled. The actual state code listed in the error message will vary.
This can be caused by any of the State fields in a profile record being Text rather than a drop-down menu. If the field is text, this will allow users to be able to free type in state codes that may not be valid, for example like VN for Nevada, when it should be NV. You can choose to change these fields as appropriate to a drop-down so that users cannot free type in any of these state code fields and rather would have to pick from a list.

To resolve the error in the logs with the state you will need to locate the profile in CRM with the state code mentioned in the error message and update any instances in the profile where it is listed and change it to a valid state code. You can create a report in SalesForce to search on that code, or you can simply enter in the state code on the top search field in CRM.




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