A script can be utilized to detect the browser version and to alert donors to older browsers. The script has already been uploaded into Sphere and only needs to be referenced on the form(s) for which you'd like to prompt users by following these steps:
  1. Log into Sphere
  2. Navigate to Communities > Forms: Single Step Donation
  3. Mouse over the desired form and click Website Info
  4. Click on the Form Customization link or the Customize Forms link if using FAF.
  5. Click Select on desired form
  6. Click on the Field Order and Label Text link
  7. Copy and paste the script below into the Form Description text box
    • <script type="text/javascript" src="/atf/cf/%7BE5E3B832-CD7B-40B5-98D7-6ED9FEFCA922%7D/TLSSTRATEGY.JS"></script>
  8. Click Save & Done
  9. Click on the Webinfo Checklist link
  10. Click on the green button titled Publish This Event Now to update the page with the script.

Once uploaded to your organization's Sphere forms, donors utilizing an incompatible browser will see the following message:

“Your browser or operating system is out of date. In order for us to process your payment securely, you must ensure that your operating system and browser is upgraded to the latest version. Checking that your operating system and browser are fully up-to-date is the best way to protect your payment and guarantee it is processed safely. You can find a full list of compatible browsers and operating systems here.”