Membership Cards Do Not Send to Primary Addressee/Salutation of Organization Contacts

When running Membership Cards from the Mail Module, selecting Mail to Contacts on the Org Address tab and formatting the Addressee and Salutation fields for Contacts to merge the Contacts Primary Addressee and Primary Salutation respectively, the Organization's name appears for both of those merge fields instead of the Contact's Primary Addressee and Salutation. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information. 

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Login to Raiser's Edge
2.  Click on Mail > Membership Cards from the left side toolbar and click New
3.  Go to Fields To Include and highlight Addressee and click Options, then click on Contact and choose the option for From Individual and select Primary Addressee
4.  Repeat Step 3 for the Salutation Field
5.  Go to the Org Address tab and select Mail to Contacts under Step 1
6.  Click on Send to Word Merge Wizard
7.  Click Next then select Create Word Document
8.  Go to Add-Ins and select your merge fields for Addressee and Salutation from under Select from RE fields
9.  Click Save and Return to RE7
10.  Click Finish to merge the document
You will see that the organization's name appears in those two fields instead of the Contacts for the Org. 
Note:  You will get the same result if setting your options to use Individual Name in Steps 3 & 4


 Raiser's Edge

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