Note: Please advise if the due date you, or a family, is looking for isn't showing up on the drop down menu, you will have to contact us to enable that date as an available date for your families.
  1. Search for the desired family is Families > View All Families and click into their family page
  2. Hover over the blue tab with the white arrow on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Select More Options > Payment Settings.
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  1. Select new due date from drop down menu that is titled Due Date.

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Note: If you change the family's due date to a new date after the initial due date has passed the family will still keep the same due date for that month. The new due date will go into affect the following month.
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If the Family is still in the Pending Families folder, we can also change the due date here. To do so:
  1. Mark off the Check box next to the desired family or families names
  2. Click the Select Actions button
  3. Select Change due/debit date from the drop down
  4. When prompted, set the new due date to be applied to all ACH or Invoice families selected