To add a new fee:

  1. From the Fees & Discounts menu, choose Manage Fees and Discounts.

  2. You will land on Fees.

  3. Select Add New Fee.

  4. Enter the following:

    • Fee Name (This field is required.)

    • General Ledger ID

    • Fee Amount (This field is pre-filled if you apply fees from a family’s main page.)

    • Fee Description (This will appear on invoices.)

    • Project Code

  5. Choose whether this fee should be applied per:

    • Family 
      Applied once per family.

    • Student 
      Applied to particular student(s). Choose the particular grade level(s) or enrollment status.

  6. Choose a Distribution Type:

    • 1st Month 
      Fee is due on the 1st month of the payment plan

    • Across Plan 
      Fee is distributed evenly throughout the payment plan

    • Specific Months 
      Select the month or months to apply the fee to

      Tip: Blackbaud Smart Tuition recommends this option.

    (This field is required.)

  7. Select Save.

The fee will appear in the list alphabetically.