How to add merge fields or s-tags to Customized Suggested Message in a TeamRaiser

Participants can send email from their participant center, but they would like for the greeting to be more personal in displaying the receiver's name.
(ex: Dear [first name] [last name]

Customized Suggested Messages are email message templates that participants and Team Captains can access from their Participant Center, such as email messages for recruiting team members, soliciting donations, personally thanking donors, and performing other fundraising activities (like inviting team members to lunch). They do not contain personalized merge fields/conditional statements to pull in the receivers' contact information. However to make the message more subject-focused, you can type "Dear Supporter", "Dear Donor", or "Dear Family and Friends" etc.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Fundraising > TeamRaiser
  2. Click Edit beside the event name
  3. Click Customized Messages
  4. Click Add a Message
  5. In the Help."> Suggested Message Body Content: section, there is not an option to add merge field information or conditional statements

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