Error: System Error: Application already exists with External-Source" "External-Grant-ID" "Grant Num. 20180175. (132) - when importing new grants

This error may appear when manually entering in or importing in new grant applications into the Grants module.  This may be because the starting grant number needs to be updated to reflect the next, correct, grant number. 
To make sure that the starting grant number is correct, please follow the steps below:
1) Go to Tools > System Utilities > Set Automatic Numbers
2) The "Grant Number" should already be highlighted on the left hand side. 
3) On the right hand side, please enter in the next starting grant number that should be there.  You may need to go up one more number to refresh this (i.e going from 20170025 to 20170026).
4) Save the new numbers and then click Done. The next grant application you create will now use the new number you put in. 



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