Error Error retrieving suggestions from Donor Central Unable to Open File Shared Temp Files SC Prog10

When attempting to import grants from Donor Central the error, "Error retrieving suggestions from DonorCentral. Unable to open File: \\HostNetnetworkfile name\ctxshare\Shared\9999 or other number\tempfiles\SC_Prog10_filename.json" occurs.

Additionally, the error, "Error parsing JSON: unexpected token: brace. (15360)" can occur along with the first error.

The error "Error retrieving suggestions from DonorCentral. Unable to open File: \\HostNetnetworkfile name\ctxshare\Shared\9999\tempfiles\SC_Prog10_filename.json" indicates that the person doing the import has tempfiles set to that location.

The second error, "Error parsing JSON: unexpected token: brace. (15360)" occurs due to the 'isthisatribute' and 'typeofTribute' fields on the form coming back as structures.

To fix these errors complete the following:

1. Go to Tools\System Utilities\DonorCentral\DonorCentral Options\Preferences tab\Suggestions Section\Debug_Logging
2. Change the Debug_Logging value to Yes and save.
3. Run to retrieve the selections
4. Look in the tempfiles folder for the most recent sc_*.json file
5. Use Notepad to open the file
6. Go to Tools\System Utilities\Run Procedure\>GUI\EADVISOR\D-ImportSCJson.w
7. Browse to the edit file then Import it. If there are errors then it wasn't edited correctly or enough. If no errors then it imported.
8. Go to Donor Central Suggestion Import and decline the records that had an issue. If you would like to keep the records: In versions 14.4x and 14.50 you will need to create applications, approve and post them for the errors to go away. In the mean time new suggestions may have been created with the same error so you will need to go through steps 1-8 again.



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