Balances owed by a parent can be found in the Billing Summary tab of a Family's profile. 

From a Family's Billing Summary tab, the four payment related columns are:
  1. Billed - amount billed to the parent for that particular month
  2. Paid - shows how much was paid on the account for that month 
  3. Settled - amount that was transferred to the school 
  4. Balance - total amount owed after subtracting the Paid or Settled amount from the Billed amount for that month 

For a family's account to be current, the Balance column must show a zero dollar amount ($0) on it for the current month.  A zero balance means the parent made a payment that satisfies the Billed amount or have paid the exact amount showing on the Billed column. 

If  there is an amount showing in the Balance Column that does not match the Billed amount, then one of the following conditions will be true:
  1. The parent made a Payment, but it did not satisfy the full Billed amount, and a balance is still owed on their account.
  2. If the Balance amount is more than the Billed amount - it is likely that the parent has a past balance owed from previous month/months. 
  3. If the Balance amount is less than the Billed amount - it is likely that the parent made an over-payment in the previous month and the over payment is carrying over into the next month, and so reducing the Balance amount shown.