While the cause isn't known, this happens due to a glitch. This can be remedied by removing the Payment Type data element and then re-adding it to the donation form. You will need to unpublish the donation form before removing the Payment Type element. Here are the steps:
  1. Fundraising > Select Donation Management
  2. Select All Donation Forms tab
  3. Find the donation form and click Edit
    • If your donation form is currently published:
      1. Go to the last step, Publish
      2. Mark the checkbox next to "Unpublish this donation form now"
      3. Click Save
  4. Click 3. Design Donor Screen
  5. Click Edit next to Donation Form
  6. Under the selected data elements on the right, highlight Payment Type and click < Remove
  7. Click Save Order and Edit Selected
  8. Highlight Payment Type again and click Add >
  9. Click Save Order and Edit Selected
  10. The options for the Payment Type data element should now display