Organizations can add text directly to their DIY pages, by going to the DIY option under Management and editing their pages.

1. Go to Management Menu
2. Click on DIY Form under Online Presence 
3. Click "Edit" on the form you want to update
4. Click "Add item" and then choose the option for "Text"
5. Enter in the text you want the donors to see

Example Text:

Your browser or OS could be out of date
In order for us to process your payment securely, you must ensure that your operating system and browser is upgraded to the latest version.  Checking that your operating system and browser are fully up-to-date is the best way to protect your payment and guarantee it is processed safely.  You can find a full list of compatible browsers and operating systems here .

6. Click update
7.  Hover over the title to the text area and move it to the position on the page you want it to appear by clicking and dragging it
8. Click Save

You can now preview your text change by clicking on "preview" button and once you are good with the changes, click "Go Live" button to publish your changes.