1. When are you trying to combine the accounts? If you are already several months into billing for the school year, combining accounts at that point might not be a good idea. You would only be able to apply billing going forward and will increase billing amount significantly for the remainder of the year on the one account.
  2. Have payments been posted on both accounts? If a payment has been made towards an account, any withholdings have already been triggered for our admin fee. Transferring payments from one account to another can also look sloppy on future remittances as withholdings for the transferred payment will have to be reflected on your remittance report.
  3. Are payments coming from multiple sources? We currently don't have the option of adding multiple payment sources for payments made. If the payments are coming from two separate bank accounts or credit/debit cards, it would be best to leave the accounts separate.
  4. Were the accounts created with different due dates? Similar to above, we currently don't have the option of applying multiple due dates on one account. If a family needs two separate due dates, two accounts would be necessary at this time.
Note: Under most circumstances, if the accounts are not combined within the first month of enrollment, it is best to wait until the new school year to combine accounts.