Each family must agree to the Blackbaud Smart Tuition terms and conditions when enrolling through enrollwithsmart.com. The exact agreement text is below : 

The policies below are Smart Tuition general terms and conditions. Not all policies listed below may be applicable to your school but are representative of Smart Tuition policies, in general. Terms and Conditions are subject to change.
Smart Tuition receives, processes, and deposits your payments into your school’s bank account. Our secure website and Parent Help Center are available to assist in answering your questions about your tuition payment plan.
Late Enrollment: If Smart Tuition does not receive your enrollment form on time, your first payment date will be moved forward. Your school may require you to catch up any missed payments on your first due date or may establish a plan with a smaller number of larger payments.
Refunds: Smart Tuition does not issue cash refunds. Overpayments will be carried on your account and credited to future tuition payments. All reimbursements or refunds must be arranged with your school.
Credit Card Payments:  Payment made with your debit and/or credit care are subject to credit card convenience fees.
Late Fees: Any payment that is not received by Smart Tuition by your due date is considered late and may receive a late fee. In the event that your account becomes delinquent, Smart Tuition may provide your school a follow-up service which will contact you via mail, telephone, or e-mail. Your account may be charged a fee as a result of this service. This fee is in addition to any late fees charged by your school.

Dishonored Payments: A fee of $30.00 will be applied to your account for any failed auto-debit and failed check payments. Your bank may impose additional fees.
Auto-debit Terms (Applies to auto-debit enrollees only): By signing this enrollment form you agree to authorize Smart Tuition to debit your account on the scheduled dates as described on the reverse side. If your auto-debit due date falls on a weekend or holiday, your account will be debited on the following business day. You agree that if any such debit is dishonored, for any reason, Smart Tuition shall have no liability for any fees charged to you by your financial institution. Smart Tuition will automatically reattempt any failed debits approximately 10 days after their failure. This authority will remain in effect until Smart Tuition receives your written instruction to cancel auto-debit service. To cancel or stop a scheduled auto-debit payment, you must contact Smart Tuition no later than 3 business days prior to the scheduled payment at (888) 868-8828.
Truth-in-Lending: Smart Administration Fee and Credit Card surcharge fees may be considered a form of financing.
By signing this enrollment form you acknowledge and agree that such terms and conditions may be amended from time to time by Smart Tuition and such amendments will be reflected on Smart Tuition's website.
Smart Tuition Privacy Policy
We do not disclose any personal information about our families to anyone, except as permitted by law. Smart Tuition has adopted numerous procedures to protect the confidentiality of school and family information. We adhere to the Payment Card Industries Standard for storing family information.

NOTE : The school can request additional agreement text for their purposes