This message can occur when a user is trying to view a dashboard such as an income statement panel that contains accounts that are restricted by advanced security.

If the user should have rights to the particular accounts, edit their account security:

1. Administration > Set Up System Security > Open the username to change
2. Select the Account security tab
3. Note the query listed there (or edit the range of accounts if listed as a range)
4. Click Query on the left hand side navigation bar
5. In the list of account queries, find the query > Double click to open it
6. On the Criteria tab, on the right hand side, double click to open 
7. Add or remove the desired programs
8. Save and close the Query
9. Have the user exit and sign out and log back in
10. Once logged back in, have the user navigate to records > Accounts and ensure they can open and view one of the accounts they were unable to view previously
11. Return to the Dashboard > Select the Dashboard and click Refresh
12. Ensure the information is showing correctly now