1. For each Mobile Event app user, create an account in The Raiser's Edge specifically for Event App use:
    1. In The Raiser’s Edge database view, click Admin > Security.
    2. Click New User.
    3. Enter preferred User name.
Note: These are not the same credentials that are used to log into RE NXT.
  1. Grant this account the necessary rights to access Events and related information.
  2. Under Connection Options > RE7 Authentication, enter a valid password.
  3. Confirm the password.
Note: Do not make changes to the Windows Authentication field. Only RE7 Authentication can be used for the Mobile Event Management app when hosted in Microsoft Azure.
  1. Click Save and Close.
  1. Set up Web Services
    1. In The Raiser’s Edge database view, click Web Services > click Blackbaud Web Services.
    2. Blackbaud Web Services moves to Installed Services.
    3. Click Blackbaud Web Services > Mobile Event Management.
    4. Click Generate Key and enter your Site ID and email address associated with your organization's Blackbaud customer account.
    5. Click Finish, then take note of this key. If needed, copy to clipboard or email the SYstem KEy to other users who will need to use the Mobile Event Management app. 
Note: Each Raiser's Edge database can have only ONE usable Mobile Event Management System Key at a time, and that one System Key applies to all app users that need to connect to that database.  
  1. Access the Mobile Event App for each Event App user/device
    1. On an iPad, download the RE Events / Mobile Event Management App from the App Store.
    2. Open the RE Mobile Events app.
    3. Enter the generated key and The Raiser’s Edge username and password created from steps 1 and 2 above.