Parent invoices will be sent to the school if they have a bad address. Bad addresses are determined when mailed communication from Blackbaud Smart Tuition is returned. You can verify the family's address and turn off the bad address toggle following the steps below:
  1. Contact family to verify the address
  2. Login to
  3. Click on the applicable school year
  4. Hover your mouse over the blue box on the left
  5. Click on More Options > Select Update Parent and Student Info
  6. Review the address and make the necessary updates
  7. If changes were made or if the address was correct,  click the green On button to switch the status to Offbad
  8. Click Save Changes at bottom of the screen.
Note: If the following year's account is pending or active, you may need to make the address changes in that school year. If the following year's account is in the Re-Enroll Families folder, then any updates will be automatically be reflected on that account.