Blackbaud Smart Tuition is a billing company so the system will only generate invoices for families accounts if there is something for us to bill or collect. 

If there is no billing or If an adjustment made brings the family's account to a zero balance for that month, the system will not generate an invoice nor generate a modified one even if there was previous billing and an invoice was sent out for the original amount.    

There are various circumstances on why a family will not have an invoice generate for their account and below are just a few examples on some:
1. There is no billing or amount to be billed for that month. 
2. There was a payment or payments made in the prior months that carried over into the current month making the balance owed either at a $0  amount or a negative amount, depending on how much the over payment was. 
3. An adjustment was made on the family's account that brought the billed amount or the balance owed for the month to $0.