Target email and seed lists added in email campaigns are not automatically getting refreshed at the time of sending Test or Final emails

After creating a dynamic query in BBECRM, and creating/refreshing the list in BBIS to use for emails. You can then send an email and the list automatically refreshes itself when sending an email from the regular email area. When sending from the email campaign area, this list is not automatically refreshed when sending Test or Final emails. 
This occurs because Email > Campaigns are designed to provide more control over the lists, as is desired in marketing campaign scenarios.  If an updated version of the list is desired - even for a dynamic query, the list will need to be manually refreshed.  

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a dynamic query in BBECRM with a valid email address
2. Add a list in BBIS tied to the dynamic query
3. Refresh the list
4. Create a new campaign
5. Add the list to target list
6. Create an email
7. Go back to dynamic query and add another valid email address
8. Send test email to 100% of the list
9. See that it will only send it to the first email address in the list
10. Go to the list in BBIS and see that the list was not refreshed with the sent email


 Blackbaud CRM

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