You can make corrections through the available Processing Options after you have completed your 1094s/1095s:

1. In Payroll > Mail > State and Federal tax reports > create a new 1094/1095 or open the saved report 
2. Ensure the dates are correct, and click Display
3. Review the available processing options and mark the option for correct completed
4. Make corrections to the appropriate employee (and or their dependents) as needed
5. Click Next to advance through the wizard until you are viewing the report

*You may receive a prompt asking if you have already distributed copies of the original reports
**If you click YES, this indicates that you have already e-filed/sent out your forms and your forms will be marked with the X in the corrected box.
**If you click NO, this indicates that you have not sent your forms out/to the IRS and your forms will not be marked with the X in the corrected box.

6. In the report, print the updated copies/finals as needed
*Only the employee corrected show with an X in the corrected box 
   a. If need be, after clicking print, mark to only print selected pages and enter the specific pages or range to print
7. If you originally efiled, then you will have an additional window after you click next on the final preview of the report. This will prompt you to enter your Aatrix credentials to complete the process